Bomber Leather Jackets for Men and Women

Who doesn’t crave for a high quality bomber jacket for himself? These jackets made of leather were originally designed for pilots during the Second World War but they have today become extremely popular as outerwear among men and women of all ages. The word bomber today has become synonymous with biker jackets. These jackets are mostly used by men and women while riding motorcycle though they also wear it while moving in the outdoors. While the aim of the manufacturers earlier was protection of the pilots, these bomber jackets today are symbol of latest fashion. There is hardly a man or woman who does not have one of these bomber jackets in his wardrobe.

These jackets have a tremendous appeal for the bikers

Unisex Bomber Jacket
Bomber jackets, also called flight jackets, are worn by people to appear attractive though these jackets are also functional in the sense that they provide protection from the chilly winds in the winter season. Most men who are passionate about biking actually feel incomplete without a bomber jacket on their upper body. These bomber leather jackets have today become an integral part of the biking gear and it is hard to find a man riding a bike without wearing a bomber jacket. An important role in increasing the popularity of these bomber leather jackets for men and women has been played by celebrities who are seen wearing this outerwear on different occasions. The fans of these celebrities try to copy their style of dressing and buy these bomber jackets. These jackets give an opportunity to these diehard fans to look and feel like their favorite Hollywood stars.

The reason why nearly all bomber jackets today are made of leather is because of the craze for this fabric among men and women. There is certain charm and animal magnetism in leather that is not felt in bomber jackets made of cotton or any other fabric. It has an appeal that makes it so popular among men and women, particularly those who are young.

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