Men’s Fashion Basics Outfit

All men know that a leather jacket gives all sorts of connotations of cool and rebellion. However, there is always a room for error if you wish to go for these little beauties. The most important thing to consider is the fit. Try to buy a leather jacket that is slim and fitted to your body, creating a snug feeling to them. A good way to buy leather jackets is to try on a size smaller to what you usually would and see how it feels and looks on you. You need to make sure that your chosen jacket hugs your shoulders, instead of slouching off them. Plus, it should end at your waist rather than your thighs and the sleeves shouldn’t be too long as that’s not something a tailor can fix.

As far as the style of the leather jacket is concerned, there are only three styles that matter. Fatigue leather jackets feature two chest pockets and sometimes epaulettes on the shoulders, the Motocross leather jacket comes with minimum detailing and with just two waist pockets and finally, there’s the Bomber leather jacket that is lined at the waist and sleeves with ribbed wool.

Another thing to consider is the color of your jacket. Most men go for black, but you can go for other options too. Brown is quickly becoming popular with the masses thanks to its more stylish look and versatility when paired with almost any other color. Black is great for a classic look, but with so many other options readily available, why not give them a try.


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