Valentine’s Day - a day to spread happiness!

Every 14th February, people tend to exchange candies, flowers, and gifts with their loved ones all over the world. All of this is said to be done in the name of St. Valentine. Who really was this mysterious saint and why is thus celebrated as a holiday worldwide?
This day has its roots linked to several different legends. The popular symbol of this day is the Roman God of love, Cupid. Several theories move around the history of this day. The most commonly believed legend goes that there was a priest named St. Valentine, who happened to displease Claudius II, the Roman emperor around 270 AD. Claudius II prohibited young men from marrying, claiming that these young men make better soldiers. St. Valentine, however continued to perform marriages of young men secretly. He was put to death by Romans for doing so. Valentine’s Day is thus celebrated in memory of St. Valentine and his bravery.

Valentine’s Day is an occasion when you can love and feel loved. Here are some great Valentine’s Day ideas to make this day extra special for you and your significant other.

1) Make a long list for your loved one saying why you love him or her. Make sure that you include some characteristics that are particular of your significant other as this would make it extra meaningful for them. This will also help you to cherish and focus on the great things of your relationship instead of its shortcomings.

2) The scavenger hunt is loved by many people. Take your sweetie out and ask them to solve riddles so that they can find clues to where you have hidden their Valentine’s Day presents!

3) Give your loved one a beautiful, candle light dinner. Later at home, give them a massage a watch a great romantic movie together. It would be best if this meal is cooked by you.

4) Send your wife a dozen of roses. Attach a beautiful note to each stem. Later, take her to a place she would enjoy going.

5) Go to a place together where you had met for the very first time. Share your personal favorite memories from your past.

6) Go away on a picnic with your wife/husband. Take them out for shopping and buy them some beautiful Valentine Day’s clothes.

7) Hide heart shaped candies or chocolates at different places for your partner to see, such as their car, coat, shoes, etc. This will serve as a great Valentine’s Day gift for your spouse.

8) If you are a woman, show up at your husband’s office and surprise him! Take him out for lunch. Dress up nicely and give him some great kisses to tell him how happy you are to have him in your life.

9) Write a special poem for your spouse and recite it to them.

It is explicitly important to keep your relationship fun by celebrating occasions such as Valentine’s Day together. These are some amazing ideas that will help spice up your Valentine’s Day. You will always cherish this time spent with your spouse so make sure that you make the best out of this special day for both of you.


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