Privacy Policy

Leathers Trend is extremely sensitive and very careful about the private information that is collected from you. It is our need to collect your personal information from you however, its safety and privacy is our major concern. No information related to the buyer is sold to third parties. As per the US & International Law of Internet Privacy, we do not violate the rights to personal information or any user by reposting or selling it to third parties outside. The information provided by our buyers is considered a secret and any leakages henceforth are considered an illegal act.

What personal information is collected?

Whenever you buy a product from Leathers Trend or sign up for our newsletter we collect information that is crucial for processing your orders or for consultation before your order is dispatched. The information collected usually includes:

For customers within the US usually your social security number might also be collected. However this occurs in only a number of circumstances.

How is your personal information used?

The information collected at Leathers Trend is only because we need to process your orders. In many cases we use our buyer’s email addresses to consult them for further issues, however, at times your phone number might also be tried.  Your personal information might also be used for inside operations at Leathers Trend like auditing, customer data bases and also to upgrade the quality of service at Leathers Trend.

In case you enter a contest, sweepstakes or any other promotional offer, your information might also be used in those programs.

Retention of personal information

Your personal information is only retained till a specific time period it takes for us to complete our processes. In case you become a member with us, your information is retained in your account and you can edit, update or modify the information according to the changes, at any time you like.

Personal information from children

We do not collect personal information from children aged below 13. In case such circumstances occur, we try our best to delete that personal information as soon as possible for our systems.

Our commitment to your personal information

We try our best to keep your personal information safe and secure under the US laws. It is imperative for you to stay up to date with the company’s privacy policy at all times. You can contact us for further information at

Leathers Trend is subjected to change modify or update any elements of the company’s privacy policy as per US laws and according to the policy. It is highly advisable for the visitors to the site to keep themselves updated with the information at all times. Please go through our privacy policy and our terms and conditions before you place any order with Leathers Trend.

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