Terms & Conditions

Shipping policy

Usually it takes about 8-10 workings days for your order to reach you. If there are any unfavorable conditions prevailing in your area of delivery or due to natural calamities, delays might occur. After you confirm your order, you will instantly receive a confirmation email from Leathers Trend along with your date of dispatch and delivery.

Delivery duration:

We use credible delivery services like DHL, SKYNET, FedEx and USPS to deliver your orders to your door step. It might take 5-6 days for the order to reach its destination and then to you depending on the conditions of your city, area.

Return / Exchange Policy

If you have any items to return or exchange please CLICK HERE to view our Return/Exchange Policy page. If you need an item exchanged you will need to send the first order back with and then we will exchange the product and make refunds or add up the price according to the item. You will be liable to all shipping charges in this case.

Guarantee Assurance

Leathers Trend values its customers trust and we try our best to bring you leather products made from premium quality leather. We use only top quality leather for manufacturing our products. At Leathers Trend only Cowhide or Sheep/Lamb skin leather is used.

Leather items are judged by its suppleness and sensuousness. At Leathers Trend we try to bring you the best quality leather items and at most affordable prices. Leather items never go out of fashion and here at Leathers Trend we make sure you invest in some of the top quality materials which are not only highly fashionable but also very durable when it comes to quality and very comfortable to wear indeed.


At Leathers Trend we try our very best to bring you the trendiest and most comfortable leather jackets at the best prices possible. With us you can make good investments in leather clothing.

Confidentiality of personal information

All personal information you share with Leathers Trend is only retained till the time it takes for us to process your orders and your details. Your credit card and payment information is encrypted and only stored in our system till your orders are processed. No information is made illegal use of or shared with any third party.

Payment sources

Leathers Trend provides you with the option of online payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Government laws and jurisdictions

All terms and conditions and privacy policy at Leathers Trend is subjected to the US Law and Jurisdiction. We try our best to serve our buyers as per the US laws. In case of a conflict between a buyer and Leathers Trend we will first try to resolve the matter through mutual understanding. If no agreement can be reached, as per the terms and conditions of Leathers Trend, we will resort to settle the matter in terms with binding mediation.

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